I purchased a Jewell R HVR 700 Trigger for my Remington Model 700 CDL Limited Edition in .260 Remington. After reading reviews all over the internet, I was a little worried that the trigger would not just "drop in"; and I was correct. I did exactly as the instructions called for and when I tightened everything up; the safety lever was rubbing the wood on the inside of the stock (at a few points) and would not function properly. I had to use a small wood chisel-file and a Dremel tool to modify the inside of the stock so that the safety lever would not rub and would function properly. It wasn't really all that difficult, but if I didn't happen to have the Dremel and a small wood chisel-file, I would have had to go buy something. Besides inletting the stock a little, installation amounted to removing and replacing two pins and was really simple.

I tested the trigger (with the spring installed at the factory) with an RCBS trigger scale and it consistently broke at 16 oz every time (just as advertized). I must say this is the finest trigger I have ever felt and it spoiled me. I have two Coopers and an H-S Precision rifle with nice 2.5 pound triggers that I was very happy with until I used this Jewell. The trigger really helped me tighten up groups; as I didn't really have to squeeze the trigger. You line up your target, rest you finger on the trigger and as soon as you start any movement, the rifle comes to life. I would highly recommend this trigger to anyone.