After seeing this thread about Deadeye Luke's holsters, I met him at the last Tallahassee gun show, saw the quality of his work and arranged for him to make a few holsters for me. As it turned out, I almost emptied the gun safe and had him make IWB holsters for six different pistols for me last week and three more this week. Each one was made in my presence, with him tailoring each one to me preferences for depth of carry, angle of carry, placement of rivets, draw resistance and degree of compactness. I was seeking the absolute minimum in a holster and he provided it at an unbelievable price. I told him that I wanted to have them all done now, because when I see him after he becomes more well known, the price will be doubled. I even unexpectedly brought a knife along and he jumped right on making a horizontal-carry kydex sheath for it.

He is a wonderful resource to have near Tallahassee, his workmanship and attention to detail are exceptional and his prices are unbelievable.