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Thread: This week only P220 Police Trade In *$460*

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    Default This week only P220 Police Trade In *$460*

    We picked up a police trade-in Sig Sauer P220 (220-45-SP)that has some wear, but functions flawlessly. Comes with two(2) eight round Sig Sauer stamped Mec-Gar mags, SigLite night sights, decocker, Sig keyed trigger lock, Sig owner's manual. Again, grip screws are not brown as may be noticed in the some of the pics.

    Anyone is welcome to inspect this pistol in person before buying.

    $460 plus tax (Transfer fee will be waived if it's picked up by a TGF member).

    This week only, because if we still have it by next weekend, we are sending in to Sig to have them refinish it. Once returned, it will have a higher price tag!

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    Sold! Thanks

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