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Thread: Irresponsible behavior by Talla Indoor Shooting Range

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    Default Irresponsible behavior by Talla Indoor Shooting Range

    It is unbelievable that these people post the names of their charter members on their website This is not a very big town. A little research could lead to the homes of the named 70 charter members, who are obviously gun owners and targets for home break-ins. If I could not trust that my personal information is confidential, I would not go near this place. I told a personal acquaintance that his name was posted there and he said he had no idea that his name had been publicly posted.

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    Maybe you should've contacted the business owner about your concern, instead of posting it on here to start some troll war. Just sayin'.
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    A little research and most folks can be looked up. You would be shocked at public records, and the information you can get legally. Most folks here post thier names, phone number, emails ect.

    I am not a spokes person of TIR, but it seems that the Charter Members mentioned, were listed as an honor? If your friend is concerned, he should express it to TIR.

    On that note, I am not getting into a this is good, that is bad. How about contacting TIR, and expressing this to them. I am sure that they would like to know, if they are doing something that upsets thier cilents/future clients. Scott.

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    I would have contacted TISR first, instead of posting here. Post here if they didn't rectify the situation.

    I agree that they most likely just wanted to say "thank you" via recognition, but I wouldn't have thought it was cool if my name was up there.
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    While I might not want my name posted, I would like to think that being a multiple gun owner would be the reason I would NOT have to worry about home-breakins.

    Gun's are valuable yes, but there are plenty more valuable items in a home that would likely NOT be in a safe that I would rather go after without having to worry about someone actually being home and using those high-dollar tangibles on me

    That aside, I would like to think that the owners of TISR would keep member's names confidential if they were to ask, at least I would hope so

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